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Alisal History

Salinas California was previously knonwed as Rancho Nojoqui, it was changed to Alisal guest Ranch in 1870.  In 1963 Alisal community became unincorporated in Salinas, CA.  Alisal came from sycamore woods and is also the home to Alisal High School.  The First post Office opened in 1866.  During the years their services transfer to Gavilan.  The east Salinas Post Office opened in 1940, later was rename Alisal in 1950 with zip code 93905.  “Alisal begin been entity housing for the migrants from the “Dust Bowl”.  The resident from Alisal;(Luis Juarez)- director at bektun 12 said, “Alisal started such as sycamore trees that were native to this region”.  Alisal was to annexed in to Salinas proper on June distinguished at Stanford University. The annexation became official in august 05, 1963.  Philip Tabera said-“According to population Alisal was most of Mexicans, Chicanos, Braceros, and Filipines, also known a “Okies”. OKIES: Means Poor white people.  Elton Hebbron was the person who brought the land in the north of Alisal which Called it “little Oklahoma” then renamed it to Alisal.  Back in those days there wore not too many residents interested in investing.

Alisal Tax Values

Now Alisal started generating most taxes; in 2006 Alisal Income Tax Service was born. In 2009, the office became incorporated to Alisal Tax Service Inc. the Company had high demand for 12 years serving not only the community but also all the regions.  Alisal Tax Service Inc. is a very successful company due to strong customer satisfaction from all over.  Most of the people help during these years were primary Latino residents.  In 2015 Alisal Tax Service Inc. had a catastrophic circumstances, by a miracle is still living to keep helping the low income families in different locations where now continues to grow at 441 Williams Rd. Salinas, CA 93905.

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